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Formulary Listing

Today's physicians feel frustrated by the fact that they have the awareness of new products but cannot prescribe them until they are listed on one or more of the formularies that control their utilisation. Unfortunately, due to a number of macro-economic factors, the number of new products that will be listed for use and, more importantly, listed with maximum reimbursement, are going to be limited.

Companies need to have a clinically significant value argument opposite the currently listed comparator to gain listing. This value dossier needs to clearly describe for the specific population covered by that formulary what are the displacement costs and consequences of the change and what changes need to be made to patient management to ensure the full benefits are translated into value in use.

Vision Healthcare Consultancy helps clients build a comprehensive market access programme with the top 30, 40 or 50 formulary groups in each region or country, having specific bespoke submissions supported by local experts and international, national and regional guidelines to gain formulary listing.

This step is the most critical element of the market access roadmap as each of the previous enabling elements are focused on this step of gaining listing for use. Within each country and region there is a hierarchy of key customers, be they purchasing groups, hospitals or clinics that represent the trigger for widespread prescription of new products.

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