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Guideline Listing

Most International and National medical specialist groups produce guidelines for patient management to reflect the best practice at that time. Within these medical societies there are certain experts and policy makers that will be key to the listing of new products.

These experts and others need to be identified, profiled and targeted to ensure that they have the information they need to evaluate the new product. This process to gain guideline listing and, specifically, the place in treatment is a key element of market access due to the influence on reimbursement, health technology assessment and formulary listing. The data packages required by these experts are extensive and are comparative to other treatments. These data packages are best created by experts in the therapy area who have advised the company during the development programme.

Once the packages are completed and peri-launch, a specific task team will support the client by working with the groups and the individuals to obtain appropriate product listing and facilitate publication and communication internationally, nationally and within and across the HTAs and local formulary groups.

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