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Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

From the early days when Australia and the Canadian Province of Ontario put into place health economic guidelines relating to the submission of new products for listing on reimbursement lists, we now see that almost all world markets have some sort of process that reviews the comparative value of new technology prior to listing. Some countries have one or more Health Technology Assessment groups that undertake this process on behalf of the payers and policy makers.

The UK has the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) that covers England and Wales, Scotland has the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) and Northern Ireland are developing a similar group. France have HAS, Germany IQWiG, Spain has several regional specific groups, and the central agency in Italy conducts the assessment itself. So we can see that for just the top 5 European markets there are many different groups with differing approaches to the assessment, guiding policies and political frameworks.

Due to this diversity in needs and country specific policies, Vision Healthcare maintains a detailed programme of liaison with the HTAs and their advisors across the top world markets so that clients can have expert input into the data needs, the analytical approach, along with political, policy and other critical factors, that need to be considered within and alongside any planned submissions.

Vision Healthcare monitors these changes and builds the submission dossiers required by these agencies.

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